• CIRP Foreign Expert Introduction Project 2017 Made Progress




    Ms. Christine Georges, expert in decommissioning and decontamination of nuclear facility, representing the CEA/DEN, visited CIRP from 25 to 29 September, 2017 as invited lecturer. Prof. Liu Qun, the vice president of CIRP, attended the opening session and listened to the report about the progress of CEA decommissioning project delivered by Ms. Christine Georges. This visit is a regular state-funded foreign expert introduction project of CIPR in 2017, approved by the State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs under the title of “the remediation methodologies of radiological contaminated sites”.


    9月25日至29日法國原子能委員會(CEA)退役去污專家Christine Georges應邀來院講學交流,劉群副院長出席會見并聽取了專家關于法國CEA退役項目概況的專題報告。Georges女士為我院2017年度獲批的國家外專局引智項目“放射性污染場址整治方法學”資助專家。


    During the visit, Ms. Georges presented the research progress and engineering applications of CEA in such fields including waste characteristics, decommissioning and decontamination, cutting and dismantling, and waste disposal. She also answered questions on related technical details. Later, Ms. Georges visited CIRP laboratories for cemented waste performance testing, incineration and decontamination technologies, and wind tunnel. The achievement of CIRP in D&D and capacity building received recognition from the expert.




    The International cooperation office of CIRP organized a bilateral cooperation discussion with Ms. Georges. Both sides reached initial agreement to prompt a CIRP-CEA associate laboratory on D&D under the framework of R&D cooperation in nuclear energy between CEA and CAEA. Besides, both sides reached a consensus to actively participate in IAEA collaboration network for decommission and decontamination of nuclear facility, and they had made an initial plan for follow-up work.




    Representatives from CNPE were also invited to attend the meeting. 





    International office, CIRP