• Expert of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Visited CIRP


    韓國原子力研究院(KAERI)核環境安全研究所首席研究員Kyung-Suk Suh教授于2018年4月2日-3日來院訪問,就海水中液態流出物的遷移擴散模擬技術與我院核環境科學研究所、水環境研究室進行了技術交流。


    Prof. Kyung-Suk Suh, the principal researcher of Environmental Safety Research Division of the Korea Atomic Energy            Research Institute (KAERI) visited CIRP on 2-3 April, 2018. During the visit, the Department of Nuclear Environmental Science    and Water Environment Research Laboratory conducted technical exchange on digital simulation methods of liquid effluents    migration and diffusion in sea water with Prof. Kyung-Suk Suh.


    韓國原子力研究院(KAERI)成立于1959年,是韓國唯一從事核能研究的專業機構,近年來在多個領域取得了迅速發展。Kyung-Suk Suh教授在該院擔任首席研究員,主要研究領域為海洋擴散模型LORAS(拉格朗日海洋放射性評價系統)、以及大氣擴散和放射性評價模型等。此次交流的背景是基于2016年在北京舉行的第13屆中韓核能聯合委員會中雙方提出的關于液態流出物模擬技術的合作意向。


    Established in 1959, KAERI is the only professional institute engaged in nuclear energy research and has gained rapid           development in various aspects in recent years. As the principal researcher of KAERI, Prof. Kyung-Suk Suh mainly studied           oceanic diffusion modeling LORAS (Lagrangian Oceanic Radiological Assessment System), atmospheric dispersion modeling    and radio-activity assessment modeling, etc. The foundation of this visit is the cooperation intention concerning the simulation methods  of liquid effluents proposed by both sides on the 13th PRC-ROK Joint Committee on Nuclear Energy held in Beijing,     2016.


    4月3日,雙方就相關技術細節進行了深入交流。期間,Kyung-Suk Suh教授還參觀了我院的地下水模擬實驗室、風洞實驗室、放射生態實驗室等。雙方將以紀要形式明確在海洋遷移擴散模型方面的合作意向,包括數據比對、模型驗證、現場試驗等,同時韓方表明希望在地表水物理模擬等更多領域開展交流合作。


    On April 3, both sides conducted in-depth communication on relative technical details. Meanwhile, Prof. Kyung-Suk Suh     visited Groundwater Simulation Laboratory, Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel laboratory and Radiation Ecology           Laboratory of CIRP. Subsequently, in the form of minute, which includes data comparison, model verification as well as field       test, both sides will make the cooperation intention on oceanic transportation and diffusion modeling clearer. Prof. Kyung-Suk Suh stated that he hoped to carry out further exchange and cooperation with CIRP in more fields such as physical modeling of   surface water.