• Expert of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Visited CIRP


    美國核管理委員會專家Casper Sun來院交流訪問

    5月25日至29日,美國核管理委員會(NRC)保健物理專家Casper Sun應邀來院講學交流。常學奇院長會見了Casper博士,表示希望雙方加強交流與信息共享。Casper博士對我院近年來取得的能力建設成就表示贊賞,并對我院未來的發展給予了期望和信心。

    Casper Sun, health physicist of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) visited CIRP from 25 May to 29 May. Prof. Chang Xueqi, the president of CIRP met with Dr. Casper and hoped that the communication and information sharing between two       sides be strengthened. During the visit, Dr. Casper not only appreciated the achievements gained by CIRP  in capacity building in recent years but also expressed his expectation and confidence in the future development of CIRP.


    On 25 May and 28 May, International Cooperation Office of CIRP organized three symposiums, on which Dr. Casper gave   presentations on American Culture of Radiation Protection, Radiological Risk and Dose from Proposed High-Level  Nuclear     Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain and Dose Assessment of Radioactive Methane respectively. Later, attendees from CIRP     initiated discussions with Dr. Casper on assessment model of C-14 as well as safety assessment and outcome estimation of       regulated radionuclides in high-level nuclear waste repository.


    Communication between Dr.Casper and researchers from Department  of Nuclear Environmental Science and Department of Health Physics was conducted on 29 May. Two sides exchanged ideas on radiation dosimetry training, operation and             development of the planned accelerator-based neutron irradiation facility, etc.




    30 May, 2018