• Chairman of International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) Visited CIRP


    國際輻射單位與測量委員會(ICRU)主席Hans-Georg Menzel教授于2018年9月3日來訪我院,并為我院廣大科研人員作了題為“國際輻射單位與測量委員會的最新研究進展”的學術報告。

    Prof. Hans-Georg Menzel, the chairman of International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU), visited CIRP on September 3, 2018 and conducted an academic report titled Recent and Ongoing Activities of ICRU.


    History, mission and working fields of ICRU were introduced at the beginning of the report. Prof. Menzel then enumerated   the 16 classic reports concerning medical applications and radiation protection produced by ICRU in the past 20 years and       explained dose conversion coefficients for effective dose at high energies currently being reviewed and revised in ICRP 116       publication. Additionally, Prof. Menzel introduced several parts of ICRU 92 Report, including major release of radionuclides to   the environment, protection and monitoring of public exposure, etc. Methods for initial-phase assessment of individual doses   following acute exposure to ionizing radiation (internal exposure and external exposure) and microdosimetry proportional          counter in RC-29, an ICRU-EURADOS Joint Report, were also introduced.

    Liu Liye, the vice president of CIRP, hosted the academic report and accompanied Prof. Menzel on his visit to the newly        built Radiation Ecology Laboratory and the nearly completed Radiation Toxicology Laboratory. Having visited CIRP in 2015,       Prof. Menzel witnessed the great changes and the achievements in CIRP’s capacity building and expressed his appreciation.    He encouraged CIRP to contribute more to radiation protection research with such high level experimental conditions.


    Obtained his Ph.D in physics from the University of Saarland (Germany), Prof. Menzel was elected chairman of ICRU in 2010 and is a member of the Main Commission in ICRP. His main research activities are in the fields of dosimetry and microdosimetry of high-energy radiation, basic nuclear data and instrumentation for dosimetry and applications in high-LET radiation therapy,   radiation protection, medical physics, and radiation biology. And ICRU, specialized in physical quantities and units of ionizing   radiation as well as measurement and application of related physical quantities, is committed to providing high level technical support to related academic organizations and institutes.